lelak (lelak) wrote,

Washington DC

A day lost in transit.

We walked across the Rainbow Bridge back to the States, ate breakfast at Denny's while waiting for the airport shuttle.

The flight from Buffalo to Detroit was so short they didn't even bother serving what I'd started to think of as the obligatory snack. Lunch was a PB&J (or, in my case, cashew butter and grape jelly) from a similarly-named store at Detroit Airport in the fifteen minutes between flights.

Then onwards to Baltimore Washington International and a long shuttle bus ride through the Washington suburbs to our hotel.

That ate most of the day.

We checked in, checked out the Shoreham Hotel's facilities - the enormous lobby includes a restaurant and several shops - and by then it was 6pm.

I jogged a mile down Connecticut Avenue to the Balance Gym, where CrossFit DC holds a Tuesday night class. Tom's renting space there, but his class size has really outgrown the room. We did Grace in shifts: 30 clean and jerks for time; I used 75 lb and finished in 4'55".

Dinner was at Jandara, a Thai restaurant near the hotel: inexpensive and very good. My roast duck yellow curry was almost a soup.

The night was warm, since the air conditioner was too loud to sleep through.
Tags: holiday
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