lelak (lelak) wrote,

Washington DC

I think we're starting to get to the point where travel is wearying us. We slept in, got bagel at Cafe International - which has become our breakfast venue of choice more for convenience than for any brilliance in fare - then returned to the National Mall to look at monuments. And ducks. And geese. Big, black-headed geese who were snacking voraciously on whatever was crawling out of the grass around the Washington Monument.

The FDR Memorial, a winding maze of stone blocks and waterfalls, was magnificent. Children were clambering, as children inevitably do, all over the statue of his dog; meanwhile a young woman was leaning against the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. Try not to read too much into that.

The White House and its apiary were glimpses through a tall fence, and that after negotiating a barricade. I can't imagine Pennsylvania Avenue is much of a neighbourhood for kids growing up, however expansive the front lawn might be.

That left us pretty much touristed out for DC. Susan and Meg headed back to the hotel, while I caught the metro up to Cleveland Park to catch up with Tom and collect my CrossFit DC t-shirt.

Dinner was meatloaf sandwiches (tastier than they sound) and peanut butter mousse cake at the Open City Coffee House. Then an early night - the following morning would see us headed south to New Orleans.
Tags: holiday

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