lelak (lelak) wrote,

New Orleans

In an attempt to reclaim the verve that four Abita beers had taken from me the night before, I headed to the hotel gym first thing in the morning. All the gym equipment was treadmills and weight machines; I put in some reps and then ran a mile.

Machines don't do the same job as free weights: I "benched" my bodyweight for 5 reps, which I know I can't do with a bar.

We had brunch - "Jazz Brunch", with the addition of Joe Simon's Jazz Trio of trumpeter, guitarist and double bassist - at Muriel's, as per several recommendations. I had turtle soup and the house salad, with a virgin Bloody Mary. Turtle has both white and dark meat, and a texture I have nothing to compare to.

We took the St Charles streetcar to the end of the line, and back to Canal Street, taking the time to look at the buildings and the Mardi Gras beads dangling from the trees.

We bought pralines on the way back to the hotel, and are sitting watching dog agility trials on ESPN.

Tonight: dinner at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse with Dave. Tomorrow: a tour of the swamp.
Tags: holiday

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