lelak (lelak) wrote,

New Orleans/New York

Another day spent mostly in transit. Our airport shuttle driver was very Southern in his reaction to my Vibrams: "Damn, girl, where'd you get those shoes?"

We flew into New York, continuing our trend of early arrivals with domestic flights in the States, and took the airport shuttle to the Port Authority. Funny coming back into New York the same way twice: the second time it was no longer wide-eyed foreign city, but instead kind of familiar. This is the way the traffic crossings work, that cab will turn in front of you, walk to the right. We lugged our bags up through Times Square to our last hotel of the trip.

The Magnolia Bakery being only two streets away, Susan led us on another cupcake expedition. I was tempted instead by something called a "whoopie cookie": a pair of brown sugar cookies held together by a thick layer of maple syrup cream cheese. Entirely indulgent. Half the size would have been better, but needless to say I ate the whole thing.
Tags: holiday

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