lelak (lelak) wrote,

New York

Today was pretty much spent killing time until we could head to the airport for our flight home.

We slept in, checked out, then spent the rest of the morning exploring Times Square for tacky souvenirs for the folks at home. Unsuccessful in finding a pink NY bucket hat for James - New York, it appears, acknowledges no other headgear but the baseball cap.

Rather than the shuttle bus, our hotel had recommended hiring a town car to take us to the airport as a more cost-effective option. Cheaper it might have been, but at the cost of an "Omigod, I want to live!!!" factor. I don't know how typical our driver was in terms of ducking and weaving and having no respect for lanes, but the trip was enough to undo all the good work New Orleans had done on my blood pressure. Amazingly we only got honked at once or twice, so perhaps driving like you're in an arcade game is normal hereabouts.

We made it to JFK unscathed, and in an hour less than the concierge had estimated, leaving us with plenty of time to kill before our flight to LA. Luckily Terminal 4 is equipped with a Sam Adams Brewhouse and a Panda Express. Beer and kung pao chicken await.
Tags: holiday

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